Brave You

You are brave, because you are restrained by neither society nor convention.
You are brave, because you are devoted to be strong and independent.
You are brave, because you embrace your own striking beauty in each and every moment.

Beautiful You

You are beautiful, because your alluring boldness plays a counterpart to your delicate soul. You are beautiful, because you learned to love yourself the way you are.
You are beautiful, because your confidence complements your brilliant character.

Brilliant You

You are brilliant, because you are you.
You are brilliant, because your achievements are the mirror to your ceaseless ambition. You are brilliant, because you learned to let your experience enrich your life.

Brave. Beautiful. Brilliant. You.

Brand Story

Uniting the fine art of Swiss watchmaking with exquisite jewelry design

Rooted in the fine art of traditional Swiss watchmaking, BIJOUMONTRE creates extraordinary watches of excellent craftsmanship and dazzling jewelry design.

Founded 2004 in Grenchen, a Swiss town famous for its watchmaking heritage far exceeding 150 years, BIJOUMONTRE has ever since honored its commitment to create outstanding timepieces for women. BIJOUMONTRE is built upon the rich heritage of its birthplace and the over 100 years of combined experience and expertise of its founding fathers, the watchmakers Willi Saladin and Volker Fink.

BIJOUMONTRE is inspired by each and every woman, and moreover by who they aspire to be. We believe a woman’s complexity to be as beautiful as the manifold brilliance of a diamond and we aim to enrich the lives of women and empower them through a philosophy of embracing one’s own striking beauty in every moment of life. For this purpose, BIJOUMONTRE pushes the boundaries of watchmaking through its continuous innovations, such as its selection of BIJOUMONTRE Charms, which are interchangeable watch components.

BIJOUMONTRE features barrier-breaking designs that reinterpret femininity with alluring audacity and natural vigor. Crafted with delicate shapes and vivid colors, each BIJOUMONTRE watch has an unexpected look and feel to it – it evokes a unique composition of individual empowerment and playful sophistication, unfolding a confident elegance that every woman can relate to.

BIJOUMONTRE celebrates women’s lives through its modern design language and dedicates each collection to the beauty of individuality and female empowerment.