The Charms of Bijoumontre

Brave. Beautiful. Brilliant. You.

A woman’s unique aura portraits her braveness, beauty and brilliance to the world like the shimmering reflection of a diamond. It is visible in every moment of her life, always in perfect accord with the person she evolves into.

BIJOUMONTRE embraces this individuality and makes each of its offerings truly exceptional and perfectly reconcilable with a woman’s uniqueness.

Celebrating the individual beauty of a woman, BIJOUMONTRE creates interchangeable "Charms” for its collections, using the most selected materials. Nacre, diamonds, a wide variety of precious stones; all assembled at the highest level of craftsmanship.

BIJOUMONTRE aims to give women the choice to explore and choose their own style; day by day, occasion by occasion, moment by moment. Thus, each “Charm” allows a woman to change the style of her watch as quickly as she changes her outfit.

Brave like your character. Beautiful like your aura. Brilliant like yourself.

BIJOUMONTRE Charms. Just You.

World Charms

With a total of ten different Charms, BIJOUMONTRE is able to truly make the collection stand strong on its promise to take you "around the world", with landmarks of distinct countries being the inspiration for each single World Charm. <Read More>

Secret Charms

BIJOUMONTRE dedicates each Secret Charm to a season and thus evokes a unique imagery of spring, summer, autumn and winter though impeccable craftsmanship and refined designs. <Read More>

Carat Charms

As the standout piece of the Carat Diamond Collection, the two round-shaped watches do incorporate the special Carat Charms into their designs. As an homage to the name of BIJOUMONTRE, the watchmakers of the brand have dedicated the design of the Carat Charm to the idea of merging watchmaking and artistry of fine jewelry.

This design truly shows how timekeeping and the jewelry can easily become part of each other, yet work perfectly on their own. The Carat Charms can easily be detached from the main-bezel of the watch and be used as a jewelry piece worn around one’s neck. The distinct beauty of the Carat Diamond Collection thus does easily come to life in the watch, yet also as part of a separate jewelry piece, both complementing the style and character of the modern woman of today.

As such, the Carat Diamond Collection, together with the Carat Charms Collection truly is the manifestation of BIJOUMONTRE and the interpretation of femininity the brand continuously strives to reinterpret in multifold ways.