World Charms

Memories are the most precious thing we know in life; thus, we carry them with us for all of our lives. The memories of our travels are especially precious, each place we have visited represents an emotion, a feeling. Each place we still dream to visit, does represent a longing, a desire of exploration and adventure.

BIJOUMONTRE challenges these emotions within its Around the World Collection and the corresponding World Charms Selection. Through these special multi-layered Charms an imaginative adventure to places near and far, high above the clouds, does come life. By incorporating the most sought-after and astonishing landmarks of our modern days, the World Charms do put the adventurous spirit of world travel at the tip of your hands.

With a total of ten different Charms, BIJOUMONTRE is able to truly make the collection stand strong on its promise to take you “around the world”, with landmarks of distinct countries being the inspiration for each single World Charm.

"World Charms – Around the World with Bijoumontre"


The World Charm of Paris is carefully assembled with shining nacre and shimmering diamonds amidst the illustration of the Eiffel Tower, evoking the beauty of a visit to the French capital and its magnificent landmark during a bright sunny day in summer.

Asia Pacific

Red Howlite in the background makes the immersive structure of the temple stand out in magnificent manners, evoking a dream of bright sunsets hues over the skies of the northern capital which is Beijing.


Precious Howlite is used as a backdrop in this World Charm to evoke an imagery of blue skies, on top of which the Statue of Liberty stands out graciously, while the clouds over torch shine brightly through the adornment of diamonds incorporated in this Charm.


This World Charm highlights the grand posture of the pyramids and the Sphinx in the foreground, while the Amazonite stone in the background further accentuates the grand imposing character of these monuments in the deserts of Egypt.